Hello, I'm David.

I make software for electric vehicle fleets at Standard Fleet. Teslarati reported that Standard Fleet was the first "third party" app for Tesla vehicles. Standard Fleet is backed by fantastic investors. Starting in 2008, I built Embark with some friends and then sold it to Apple in 2013. I am particularly proud of our work on Transit.

I also invest in software, aerospace, and other promising technology companies. I'm proud to have invested in and supported the following teams:
ChargeHound 2014 Seed (Acquired by PayPal in 2021)
Undecidable Labs 2015 (Acquired by Google in 2016)
Relativity Space 2016 Seed, 2018 Series B, 2019 Series C, 2020 Series D, 2021 Series E
Astranis 2016 Seed, 2019 Series B
Fly.io 2020 Seed
Talyn 2020 Seed (Acquired by Ampaire)
Volumetric 2020 Seed (Acquired by 3D Systems in 2021)
REGENT 2021 Seed, 2022 Mez
Inversion 2021 Seed
AstroForge 2021 Seed, 2022 Seed+
Trained Eye 2021 Seed
Hotswap 2021 Seed
Charge Robotics 2022 Seed
Denormalized 2022 Seed
Silkchart 2022 Seed
Taro 2022 Seed
Polychrome 2022 Seed
Auricle 2023 Seed
Secure AI 2023 Seed
SnapMagic 2023 Seed

Contact Info:
Twitter (@davidhodge)