Hello, I'm David.

I build Nikola, the best app for for Electric Vehicle owners. In another life, I built Embark with some friends and sold it to Apple. We worked on a bunch of things at Apple, but I am particularly proud of Transit.

I also invest in software, aerospace, and other promising technology companies:
ChargeHound 2014 (Bought by PayPal in 2021)
Undecidable Labs 2015 (Bought by Google in 2016)
Relativity Space 2016 Seed, 2018 Series B, 2019 Series C, 2020 Series D, 2021 Series E
Astranis 2016 Seed, 2019 Series B
Fly.io 2020
Talyn 2020
Volumetric 2020
Inversion 2021
Ex Scientia 2021
Trained Eye 2021

Contact Info:
Twitter (@davidhodge)